JANE MULFINGER: Spectral Latencies, Schuld im Überblick 2018
paper, steel, oak, plastic, energy, book, desk, transparencies, vinyl text and 6 custom projection lanterns with Fresnel lenses

Deriving from research for the Zentrum für Interdisciplinäre Forschung [Center for Interdisciplinary Research] in Bielefeld, Germany, this work is a response to the question of the outcome of collective guilt. Found photographs and collected texts solicited from the public in Bielefeld.

Just as the spectrum of light is partially invisible to humans, our deepest thoughts are hidden until shared. The crux of this exhibition is built on submissions from Bielefeld residents regarding stories of personal feelings of guilt. The imagery comes from Bielefeld’s history – images of life up close and from a distant perspective. The overview, the sense of looking and seeing the big picture of time passing offers solace and redemption. Light from window spaces and lamps illuminate the visual spectrum. An exhibition book on the desk provides visitors the chance to spend time writing their own thoughts on personal guilt to add to the texts.