JANE MULFINGER: REGRETS Gallery Installations 1995 - 1997 [above: Franklin Furnace, N.Y.]
Etched car rear-view mirrors, aluminum rod, slide projection

Regrets are anonymously solicited in their original language from diverse communities and sandblasted onto the surface of rear-view mirrors. The mirrors, resting on stilts, receive and reflect projected imagery of aerial views which are chosen for each site. The ensuing projected light is reflected onto the walls surrounding the objects.

The last REGRETS installation was a collection of Protestant and Catholic texts from Derry, Northern Ireland.

Franklin Furnace Archive, NYC, 1995
Kuresaare Castle, Tallinn, Estonia, 1995
Underwood Street Gallery, London, 1995
Damasquine Gallery, Bruxelles, 1996
Gallery Guido Carbone, Turin, 1997
Orchard Gallery, Derry, 1997