JANE MULFINGER: Autonomy is No Longer Possible or Interesting, Part I. Former YWCA building designed by Julia Morgan, Pasadena, California.

4 exercise bikes, glass crystal, LEDs, hardware, energy. Installation: 9/19 – 12/31, 2009

This work focused attention on a forgotten architectural gem and former center for the community. Four craigs-listed exercise bikes converted into power generators were available to ride outside the derelict and shuttered YWCA building near Pasadena's City Hall.

Inside, a purpose-built glass crystal chandelier is powered and illuminated by the bicycles outside, revealing to viewers peering through the main door windows the elegant and symmetrical building design still evident inside, despite past insensitive remodelling and deterioration of the structure over a prolonged period of neglect. Impossible to view alone, this work requires group effort to be seen.

Since this installation, the City of Pasadena is working to take over and restore the Julia Morgan YWCA building to its former grandeur.

Thanks to Jay Belloli and Sinead Finnerty-Pyne for inspiration and access. Photography thanks to Primo Catalano. Thanks to Lauren Smith and family.