JANE MULFINGER: Armory as Cathedral: Beyond the Visible Spectrum, 2002
two 45' x 7' skylights, second-hand clothing

In the former Armory of Pasadena, two 45'x7' skylights in the large split-level building are covered by locally collected discarded clothing. Each panel is pieced together and sewn so that all garments are facing the same direction as if traveling in unison. The clothing tarpaulins are stretched over the outside of the window, susceptible to changes of wind and weather.

The two distinct color fields, red/orange and blue/violet, are the result of extensive collections of local used clothing. As the most dominant discarded colors, their complex signification are used as oppositional color hues within the Armory space. In the context of the former armory, the blue and red iconic colors derive questions regarding their significance in terms of politics, religion, and current affairs. Phenomenal color changes affect all activities below.